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Hairdressing Salon and Bridal Boutique

The Zunguness offers 4 fully furnished cottages, perfect for a bridal party or conference guests. These cottages are unique in that they were converted from existing structures on the farm to become elegant and comfortable suites for guests of the estate. To keep the tradition of the previous structures and to add nuance to each setting, the cottages have been named after their utilitarian use before they were transformed into the luxurious constructions of today.

Daily accommodation mid-week specials

Monday to Thursday R750.00 per person per night. 
Group rates available and Wedding package accommodation available.
Book and entire self catering Blue house at a discounted rate of R5000.00 per night. Sleeps 8 to 10 people.

Executive Suites

Converted from the farm garages, this gorgeous cottage features 6 bedrooms, including baby room, all with en suite bathrooms, two lounge and two kitchens.

Royal Cottage

This beautiful cottage was converted from a workshop to the sumptuous and tasteful lodging it is now. The Workshop features 3 double bedrooms with 3 en suite bathrooms, lounge, dining rooms and a kitchenette. The Garages and The Workshop are inter-leading and can be joined to create a 7 bedroom abode perfect for a bridal party.

The Stables

Converted from stables that used to house fine stock, this large cottage features 4 bedrooms with 1 en suite and 3 sharing as well as a lounge, dining rooms and a kitchenette. All the cottages open to the wonderful gardens at The Zungnuess, allowing you to renew your link with nature at every interval.